miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

Saint Patrick's Day

Saint patrick is the patron Saint of Ireland. He is originally from england. The english people bring him to Ireland when he is sixteen years old to be a slave. In a dream, God tells him to escape and go to the coast. When he arrives at the coast he boards a ship and returns to England. Later, he rerurns to Ireland as a priest. He explains to the people the idea of the Holy Trinity with a three leaf clover. The three leaf clover is also called a shamrock. There is also a legend that says saint Patrick expels all the snakes from ireland. Saint Patrick death is the seventeenth of March. We celebrate Saint patrick's Day on the seventeenth of March.
In Dublin, Ireland and the United States Saint Patrick's Day is a very important holliday. In Ireland there are many parades and a lot of festivals. In the United States there are also many parades and festivals. On Saint Patrick's Day everyone wears green in honor of Saint Patrick. In Chicago, the people put coloring in the Chicago river to make it green. The people also eat cornbeaf and cabbage. Its a tradition for Irish-Americans. It's a dish of boiled beef and lettuce.
There is an old Irish legend that says all leprechauns have a hidden pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The only way to find the pot of gold is to catch the leprechaun, but leprechauns are very difficult to catch.
Now, with the new vocabulary you can complete the two worksheets.